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arcane-sonder: “ 04.24.16: Quite honestly, I have no idea what will become of me in the next few weeks. ”

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georgistudies: “ day 4 of 100 days of productivity studying for my final exam of the semester (!!!) with my brand new mildliners! i can definitely say that it took me a long time to decide if i...

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studeity: 2-04-2016 // 2:22pm Summarised Marketing notes on strategic planning! :^) I may have summarised things a little too much.. but rest assured I have made more in-depth notes~

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studypetals: 4.8.16+2:00pm // 32/100 days of productivity // made a layout of how i generally organize my notes! this is only one example; i have a lot of different layouts. this one is my most used, so i thought i’d share!

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maysstudies: “ 03.05.2016. been so swamped with work lately so here are some bio notes I’ve just written up neat ”

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biologystudies: “Here’s a #studyblr picture from my Instagram! If you’d like to know more about me be then be sure to follow me @its_laura_lou. Playing around with all the colours to keep me...

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