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Finest Combed Cotton Thigh High Socks - Black

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Thinking maybe something like this for this weekend Mrs.Jefferson 1 of the things I looked at :)

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Summer task list for kids

Kids Summer Checklist, School Holiday Rules. Kids have to complete the list before they can watch TV or play video games. Screen time isn't limited 'cause it's summer. Win-win! Free Printable

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My kids recently began doing Yoga via Cosmic Kids and it has become such a hit in my family that we've added Bedtime Yoga on certain nights...

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I never knew girls were chasing him in this when we're you planning to tell me

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11 storage hacks for girls with way too many clothes

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Don’t Miss: 10 YouTube Channels That Will Actually Make You Smarter

YouTube is so much more than a cat who is barking like a dog or beauty vloggers sharing the latest trends. Next to all the music videos, workouts and cute a

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Silver Egg Experiment I’m excited to be teaming up with my good friend Nathan from Minnesota Cold for a fun series all about eggs. We ar...

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