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27 DIY Cool Cork Board Ideas, Instalation & Photos

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only) Instead of hearts, use leaves for spring.

Ripple Kindness on

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only). It would be fun to have kids write down kind acts they have been recipients of, as well as kind acts they have done.

Hallway or Classroom wall ... each note is a student's name; each staff is a class

Musical Musings and Creative Thoughts: Hallway wall for everyone! "Each of us a single note, together we create a masterpiece.

Part of me really wants to have hanging books in my room, the other part knows that they might distract my students.

Would be neat to do in a reading resource room ! hang books in english classroom! great idea, even good with discarded books for a library