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10 Ideas to Make Your Teachers' Lounge a Positive Space

Our teacher's Lounge needs a positive upgrade to go along with our culture-building staff focus this year. Making the lounge a positive place where we can share student and teacher successes will benefit our school culture!

Creating a positive school culture can greatly increase student growth and success while increasing teacher morale. Read our blog to learn more about the 7 Secrets to Positive School Culture. I boystowntraining.org

Boys town National Training provides professional development for teachers, administrators, education professionals in classroom behavior management.

Three fantastic icebreakers that get kids talking and start building relationships from the first day of school!

Icebreakers that Rock

Too many icebreakers require students to take massive social risks with people they barely know. Or they don’t really help students get to know each other. Or they are just plain cheesy. Here are three that are actually goo

Random Acts of Kindness TEACHER CHALLENGE

Random Acts of Kindness TEACHER CHALLENGE (Miss 5th)

With tomorrow being Random Acts of Kindness Day, I was inspired to create a challenge for myself and my fellow teachers! I bring you. The Random Acts of Kindness Teacher Challenge

Beekle read-aloud and activities for K-2 classrooms. The students love this!

This activity with "Beekle" is so much fun! It is a read aloud activity for early elementary classrooms that incorporates graphic organizers to assess reading skills.

By using a simple mnemonic device, this skinny poster illustrates the factors that characterize any civilization: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics, and Social Structures. Use this poster when introducing any ancient civilization to your students. It works with classifying present-day civilizations, too!    ©2017. 13 x 38 inches. Laminated to last. Middle school, high school.

It would be a good way to channel students' focus when talking about different civilizations or eras. It breaks a huge idea down to six different topics, with varying complexities. It could be altered a little to be more applicable.

"Positive School Culture: How One School Transformed"  plus "6 Ways to Improve Your School Culture Now" *Share this one with your colleagues.*

Building a Positive School Culture: How One School Transformed From Violence to Haven

We Are Teachers "Positive School Culture: How One School Transformed" plus Ways to Improve Your School Culture Now" *Share this one with your colleagues.

First-day-of-school t-shirts given to the staff by a principal - love this!

Who's exhausted? I love the saying, "There is no tired like teacher tired." The first couple of weeks are so busy for us.