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Wishes do come true...: Attendance Board. Good to let students see & able to compare attendance figures with staff. Fun competition idea too.


All tools can be downloaded and used without express permission from the Attendance Awareness Campaign. If you wish to alter the content of the handouts, please contact Attendance Works Associate Director Cecelia Leong at See the Attendance Works uses policy for more detail. Social Media Tools Download graphics and sample tweets and posts to share on your social [...]


Attendance Motivation

Attendance Motivation- This PBIS attendance reinforcer is originally meant for a class, but it also could be great for a student who is always tardy and/or misses the first period of the day.


After seeing a previous pin showing how a school displays attendance data, I collaborated with my principal and created this. We had a graphic designer work with us (my son) to recreate the one I made with poster board and laminated. This is dual sided so the parents see the data coming and going. It hangs on a front window near the main doors and the data is changed daily. I plan on making a chart that shows the average monthly attendance percentage as well as tardies and early dismissals.


I really liked the quick reference to quick tips for teaching strategies because sometimes we forget ways to make changes when we are on the spot. So I actually have this printed out to refer to.


Classopoly Attendance Board Whole school attendance initiative. Classes aim for over 97%, those who reach this roll the dice and land on a treat. Each teacher offers two treats along with other rewards on the board.


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The TICKET to Getting Your Students to Class on Time


How to Improve School Attendance Goals and Objectives


The Absences Add Up campaign emphasizes to parents the importance of consistent school attendance and the impact absences have on their children’s academic outcomes. The campaign demonstrates that absences add up, and as early as elementary school, students who miss just two days of school per month are more likely to fall behind and less...