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The Samuel Oschin telescope is a 48-inch-aperture Schmidt camera at the Palomar Observatory in northern San Diego County, California. It consists of a 49.75-inch Schmidt corrector plate and a 72-inch mirror. The instrument is strictly a camera; there is no provision for an eyepiece to look through it. It originally used 10- and 14-inch glass photographic plates. Since the focal plane is curved, these plates had to be preformed in a special jig before being loaded into the camera.


This superb image of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) came about when the photographer combined data collected through his telescope and Schmidt camera with that obtained by the National Geographic Palomar Observatory Sky Survey II. (12-inch Meade ACF 400 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, luminance data from the POSS II blue plate; color data from a 12-inch Meade Schmidt camera with Fuji color film, ISO 100; additional data in the galaxy’s core region taken through an Apogee U9 CCD camera)

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Vintage Fisher Price Camera

Vintage Toy Camera. Fisher Price ooo Ive not come across this one before - I love!


Shared by albirea1 #astrophotography #contratahotel (o) from @debergi: Again my setup but this time in a special edition because of the upcoming transit of mercury. This is how I observe and photograph the sun. It's nothing speacial and not the best but it works. For more details to this setup keep on reading. As you see I use my 5 Newtonian and not my 10 Schmidt-Cassegrain because the focal length of the SC ist too big. I could buy a reducer but with a larger filter…