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Scary Tales

Zombie Cupcakes: And Other Scary Tales

Haunted Mansion - Enter if You Dare!: Scary Tales from th...

Ghost Ship? Entire crew found dead on board with open eyes - outstretched arms and look of horror on their faces. Even the ship's dog found dead - a snarl still on its lips.

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raven crow: Scary Tales. Art abstract backgrounds for your design

Tales of the Unexpected - British horror/mystery/suspense anthology program from the late 70's and early 80's.

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Scary Tales Once Upon A Nightmare

I just played Weird Park: Scary Tales

Fairy Tales Are Actually Scary…

"Once upon a time, and twice upon a time, and all times together as ever I heard tell of it…" Developing my interest in fairy tales by reading them, reblogging art and quotes, and occasionally posting rambling thoughts about them.

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