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Scary Games For Free

Read Alouds in Your Classroom

The Hunger Games - IT WORKS! When you blink (while the eyes are still closed) you'll see the shape.

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My hobbies include: -Switching through the same 3 apps for hours -Imagining myself in situations that will never happen

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"A far cry from a picture perfect calm... Or can you see it? A bright light from a distance leaves you dark; you're never free here. You're alright, you're alright now... you believe what you want to. Gone somehow, you're gone somehow, but I'm waiting for you. Get back to where you once believed; get back, get back. You want so bad to bury me; get back, get back!" ~Get Back, Nine Lashes

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For One Day, Alice: Madness Returns Comes To Life

This picture shows how mad the character Alice is in the game Alice Madness Returns. She is in a straight jacket and covered in blood, and there is hands controlling what she is doing, which is why she maybe created her wonderland to escape her reality.

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Comparing The Great Depression To The Great Recession [Infographic]

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8 Hotels Where Wild Animals Roam Free - Photos

Check in to one of these hotels where wild animals roam free, and you could be sharing your breakfast table with giraffes, lounging poolside with elephants, or peering out from your hotel room window at a rookery of penguins. from Condé Nast Traveler

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Do your research,Zika has always been around,now they are making a vaccine? More money for the pharmaceutical companies don't be scared ,research it don't fall for the media hype.

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Halloween Party Games for children and adults.

Free downloadable Halloween games for your Halloween party including costume hunt, scavenger hunt, scary movie trivia, a photo contest.

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Fun End of the School Year Ideas

Open-Ended Questions for Accountable Math Talk - how awesome is this? Wait till you read the post on effective math post - and yes, you can download this poster for free!

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