Some interesting and creepy facts

Some interesting and creepy facts

Seriously Scary Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

Seriously Scary Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

Seriously Scary Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You Seems interesting but deeply disturbing

Creepy, Disturbing, and Scary: the fuck did I just read?

Creepy, Disturbing, and Scary: Facts and Stories - Crazy 9/11 Facts

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Keep safe from all those dumb "repost or else" chain posts <that's three safety animals for me!

I don't think that I'll fight a giant then fly to a different galaxy on a fish:/

Can't wait to be attacked by a dog and have a pack of butterflys fly around me as I makeout with my ex while my mom and best friends grandma dreams are weird

Please everyone warn your family and friends because this could end really badly for you pleas just be so careful and if possible don't walk alone xxx

With everything that's been happening recently in DC, with all of those black and Latina girls missing, I felt like this was important to share. I don't know how old it may be, but if this happens please go to the police. This is important for everyone.

This pilot had a UFO encounter and they never found him or his plane. question everything / GcF.

I placed this in my "Unexplained" board because it's one of the only cases which real-time audio exists of the incident (which is quite frankly, chilling) and NOTHING was ever recovered of the plane although it's general position was known and verified!

Would be nice if this were how it always happens. There would be a lot less of these creeps out there if they feared the same treatment they impose on their victims.

PAKISTAN: Serial killer Javed Iqbal killed 100 16 year old boys. He was sentenced to be dismembered in pieces, strangled and burnt with acid in front of the victim's families the same way he murdered his victims. WHY DOESNT AMERICA SENTENCE LIKE THAT?