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Tick Tock~ By yours truly!  Tick Tock is super sweet! Hes a larger doll, with a tad bit of weight because of the clock parts. He is a sitter. He wears a grungy diaper and vintage lace collar with a vintage metal button. *He is more defined in real life, my camera is not picking up all his details. You can see his hair the best in the last photo!  Tick Tock is not a toy and not for children.

Tick Tock creepy steampunk doll by EleganceOfTheHeart on Etsy Suzi I bet we could get Wayne to make us one of these. 640x b6 de 21 b6de21c2759558e640bf51dc25b36037.jpg

Have you ever been in a room full of creepy dolls? If you agree, let this list of horror dolls fuel your nightmares.

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perfect just add a small rotating mechanism to the bottom of each doll head and maybe LED inserts behind the eyes

Ruby, Creepy OOAK Reborn, Horror Gothic Porcelain Doll

Ruby, Creepy OOAK Reborn, Horror Gothic Porcelain Doll

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This looks like the haircolor catastrophe I had done at Attitudes hair salon in Valparaiso, IN. This can only be explained as juvenile.

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I imagend dolls would create a very creepy and unsettling feeling in the shoot as they portray innocence but also a unsettling feeling of no control or match of creepiness to the innocence

Creepy doll with mouth sewn shut for halloween - get dolls from thrift store/garage sales, drill holes, thread string through