This is not just a conspiracy theory. A lady discovered an HERBAL cure for cancer and she healed over 85 patients with cancer, but before she even got started..the government came in and shut her down. Nobody wants to stop all the income. Our nation is greedy and despicable. It's disgusting.

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Agenda 21, New world order, Gmo's, Fema camps, N.D.A.A, Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P, Fluoridated water, Monsanto Protection act, Bilderburg group, please Research for yourself!!! And Tell others what you learn!!!

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Was this man a time traveller? <<< No. That stuff isn't real. He was really good at divination

Was this man a time traveller? <<< No. That stuff isn't real. He was really good at divination

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Mind control to control your mind..... but why???.... because there is something much more powerful going on.... it's cosmic and therefore unstoppable and YOU are at the centre of it! Ok so let's break it down.... We are on the verge of a quantum leap.... whereby we are moving from limited creatures back to our limitless selves.... These beings do not want this because it means the end of them (for they only exist on this plane - the limited realm) and they are doing everything in their…

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Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, wrestles with the distinction between privacy and anonymity. "Privacy is incredibly important. Privacy is not the same thing as anonymity. It's very important that Google and everyone else respects people's privacy. People have a right to privacy; it's natural; it's normal. It's the right way to do things." Speaking on CNBC and on page 185 of the book, "Are you naked online? Protecting Your Internet Identity" by Ted Claypoole and Theresa Payton. Boycott Google!

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Fluoride is the ionic form of fluorine. That would be like saying carbon monoxide contains oxygen. Yes oxygen forms part of the carbon monoxide molecule but carbon monoxide does not have the properties of oxygen. Try breathing only carbon monoxide.

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