Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas My friend Ian had this done last month and I’m still in love with it. It says “Touch me” in braille Scarification done at Holy Mackerel in Saint Paul


Scarification is a permanent form of adornment which has been practised throughout history. Evidence from Saharan rock paintings suggest it’s use in 8000 – 5000 BC. By cutting the skin and manipulating the healing process or by branding, intricate designs can be created. Scarification in an indigenous context is mostly practised in Africa and Australia.


tattoo and scarification, as much as I disagree with scarification, anyone who gets it done has balls of steel. props to people who can handle that kind of pain and upkeep..


goldenwintersun: Love this! I wonder if anyone in town does scarification. I’d be so down. White ink tattoo. I have two of them. This isn...


Freshly Carved 'Scarification'. Unlike a Tattoo Scarification Is Carving Out Your Flesh. With scarification, cuts between ¼” and ¾” are used to create scar tissue and imprint images upon the skin.