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The video game Silent Hill also served as an inspiration during the early process. Whilst, a lot of these ideas was later thrown out it has given us an idea for what some of the psychological aspects for the film will be.

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Horrendous detail - The Clicker is definitely up there when it comes to the scariest monsters. The Last of Us.

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So if everyone on earth had a Pocket monster, it would just be frightening?
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10 Scariest Video Games to Play in the Dark for Halloween — Apartment Therapy Game Room

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This is how you build the scariest video game monster ever

1979's Alien, the Ridley Scott-directed film that kicked off the series, only required a single alien to create an enduring sci-fi horror masterpiece. Just the idea of being stuck on a ship with a...

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Phantasmagoria: The Scariest Video Game Ever Produced

Phantasmagoria is rated M for mature and it is a point and click horror video game. It has some very gory scenes including ones that include demons and black magic. Facts about this title are here.

Top 10 scariest video games

The 9 Scariest Video Games Of All Time. see them here:

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