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Scared Synonym

WOW Word Posters

Other ways to say ... Said, Went, Scared, Big, Small, Sad, Happy, Saw, Next, Great, Good, Bad, Positive Character Words, Negative Character Words, Time Transition Words for Narratives and Transition Words for Information and Argument Texts. (16 page digital download)


*Perfect for teaching shades of meaning!* Spice up your "boring words"! This booklet contains 21 synonyms for "scared". The professionally illust...

Use "slices" of pies to identify synonyms for words relating to feelings: happy, sad, mad, scared, nice, surprised. Students find 5 slices to comp...


Literacy Center -- Jolly Jacks (Synonyms)

Free!! Jolly jack synonyms!!!read and identify synonyms.Grade Level: First Grade through Fifth Grade, Special Education, ESLYou will receive an 89 page...


$ Shades of meaning for the word "scared". Inspire students to spice up their boring words! Perfect for story writing and expanding vocabulary!