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Scar is the usurper and an awful cat, but he's just so cool that you can't help respecting him a little.

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Awesome drawing. Now that I think of it, Thor and Loki's story has a lot of similarities to Simba and Scar's. Something bad happens and the hero gets exiled/ran off. Then he goes through this journey of becoming a man. Meanwhile the antagonist claims himself to be king. When the hero tries to come back home the antagonist tries to uses his place of power to destroy him with no avail. The hero regains his honor and trust. And the antagonist is consumed by the corrupt system he created.

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The Lion King . Espectacular ////

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The Lion King...i want to hang this in my house. i've always had a soft spot for Scar...after all, i did name my cat after his son.

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14. Favorite Villian - Scar. There's not one bad guy that was hated as much as this one. He's cruel, selfish, and a criminal mastermind. I find it funny that I didn't notice the movie's comparison of him and Hitler until I was older. Well played Disney, well played.

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