Stylish white murphy twin bed. #murphybed #murphybedhq

White Murphy bed - stylish design with Scandinavian inspiration.

you can see how the foot support flips out over the top, and without bookcases it looks like an armoir

DIY Murphy Beds

DIY murphy bed – made to look like armoire. LOVE this and I can make a usable fold out table on the bottom half.

Image result for scandinavian murphy bed

Image result for scandinavian murphy bed

built-in murphy bed.AWESOME Time out- can this be done in the play room?! Possible in stead of the couch kids area...?

a murphy bed-style bunk system.I think ALL homes should be built with at least one room with a murphy bed of some type. I personally would like a queen in one room and put a bunk bed style for future grands in the craft room

DIY Murphy Bed w/o hardware.

$150 murphy bed

Well, the Murphy bed has been hacked and built. And Anji wrote all about it here! Here are the plans: Many, many of you have requested the Murphy Bed Plans, and I have been wanting to draw up a pl…

Love this rustic Murphy Bed with plan panelling and storage inside the alcove.

9 stylish murphy beds for small spaces. Whether for your studio, small bedroom, guest room or living room, these stylish murphy bed ideas make the most of this small-space essential. For more home furniture ideas go to Domino.

Cosy Interior. Best Scandinavian Home Design Ideas.  The Best of home indoor in 2017.

phy Bed by Roberto Gil. When not in use, the inge?nious bunk bed folds into a small cab?net only deep.

DIY murphy bed... i would like to do something like this for my laundry room.

Great idea to use in a formal living room or office to double as guest room. DIY murphy bed - made to look like armoire. So gonna try this for our office/guest room.

long house great room and alcove bedrooms on sides - Google Search

Antique Norwegian cupboard beds in the Hanseatic League Museum in Byergen, Norway.

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Discover and share the most beautiful images from around the world

It's not every day we come across a hard-core DIY rock star like Imgur user AvalonAwoken. Moving to a tiny Brooklyn apartment meant that space was at major premium (but so was cash), so rather than shelling out big bucks for a ready-made Murphy bed, AvalonAwoken designed and built this bed and sofa and storage combo for a fraction of the price. All we can say is wow.

Small Space Solution: A DIY Murphy Bed Made With IKEA Parts

Furniture, The Large And Modern Bedroom With The Swing Modern Murphy Bed With Couch That Look So Comfortable With Large Red Carpet Also The Cushions And Floating Shelf For Storage ~ Design Your Minimalist Bedroom With The Modern Murphy Bed With Couch