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Scandinavian Kitchen Torches

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Making a Viking Cloak-Pin

Pennannular brooches are common to many cultures. This particular style has been found in Viking silver hoards. I've seen Roman brooches of bronze. Convenient modern materials are copper (#6 wire, the size fastened to the pipes in your basement) and brass (3/32" brazing rod). You'll also need a hammer, a smooth block of metal, jewelers' pliers (preferably round-tipped), a file, and a gas flame. I'll illustrate using a propane torch, but I've also used gas kitchen stoves. Use the pin to…

Copper Cottage Kitchen

This Copper Cottage Kitchen nods to Scandinavian Minimalism while showing how hardworking small spaces can be.

John Timberland® 9" High Seedy Glass Outdoor Wall Light

$70 Lamps Plus - John Timberland 13" Wide Seedy Glass Outdoor Wall Light - Attic