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Scandinavian ice cream scoops

Ice Cream-Inspired Lighting

Ice cream lamps!! Scoop by Stephanie Ng Design- Local Australian Lighting and Product Design


Pink and black icecream cone- pink and black scoops icecream print, Modern nursery decor-scandinavian nursery art-nursery wall decor

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Scandinavian Shaved Ice- Kailua Village May 2013 Mango with a scoop of pineapple ice-cream in the middle. Yum!

Scandinavian Shave Ice

Scandinavian Shave Ice - it's got a scoop of *ice cream* in the middle of the ice and they add a heavy drizzle or a snowflake design of 'snow' on the top of the cone so it's drenched in a delicious candy-like blanket (it's actually sweetened condensed milk). So many options!!!

Triple Scoop

Summer Sunshine, Ice Cream and Fun-triple scooped and great reminder when you're not at the beach.

It doesn't take much to make rhubarb sing: some sugar, a bit of flour, and a pat or two of butter. When this lovely double-crust pie emerges from the oven, it's golden outside and sweet and luscious inside. It's especially nice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.