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10 Smart Green Slogans: 1. Burn Calories Not Oil 2. Earth allows you to stand. Let it stand the way it is. 3. Global Warming is not cool! 4. I hear the Eco 5. Clean Coal Is Just Dirty Business 6. Respect your Elders (and Oaks, Pines and Hickorys too) 7. Save water drink beer 8. Smells like green spirit 9.The thing that burns never returns 10. There is no Planet B.

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Vintage cannabis novelty tee. Tan tee has Florida Keys screen print on front featuring a small boat fishing bales out of the water; blank on back. Save the Bales is a spin on the Save the Whales slogan (dont see why there shouldnt be room in our hearts to save both); the bales, also known as square groupers, were typically thrown overboard or dropped from planes as a way to import cannabis into South Florida in the 1970s and 1980s. Tee is distressed to perfection -- soft, thin, and…

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Sturdy but Lightweight Silver Bottle Opener "Save water, Drink beer" slogan hand stamped on Christmas Gift

custom wood bottle opener, beer bottle opener, wall mounted, cap catcher, removable cap catcher, "Save Water - Drink Beer", beer gift by OniontownRepurposed on Etsy

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World water pollution at an all time high endangering public health. For water purity, water safety and water systems for the home and workplace to protect and sustain personal and public health http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/1924401-best-water-filter-best-water-filtration-system Paul F Davis is a health coach, former personal fitness trainer, worldwide minister and motivational speaker who recognizes water purity as a powerful weapon to build immunity and fight diseases.

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