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Steak and Burger Mushrooms

Button mushrooms, sauteed and reduced in a bordelaise style butter and beef stock sauce, great as a side, on a sandwich or burger, or as a grilled meat topper, perfect for steaks!


Mushrooms and Onions for Steak

Mushrooms and Onions for Steak This is how I sauté mushrooms and onions to serve with grilled steak. I've been doing it this way for years and never really thought of it as a recipe until today when my husband mentioned that it was the best he'd ever had. If you have leftovers, make an omelet with them with smoked swiss cheese and serve with hot, steaming bowls of tomato soup with basil. Just trust me on that.

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Baked eggs with mushrooms, potatoes, spinach and gruyère

This baked eggs recipe is made using just one pan and is great to share for brunch

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By Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks Lean in 15: Steak with creamy cavolo nero and mushrooms  | Daily Mail Online

from Jamie Oliver

Steak, Guinness and cheese pie with a puff pastry lid

Jamie Oliver's steak, Guinness, cheese pie. Incredible, knock-your-man's-socks-off food. My husband, who has been eating my cooking for 15 years, lists this in his top 5 favs of all of my recipes.

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Cream of cauliflower soup with sautéed wild mushrooms

Cauliflower soup with wild mushrooms. Made this today for a dinner party tomorrow!

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Beef Wellingtons: Perfectly cooked beef, mushrooms and flaky pastry make the best beef Wellington. Make these individual versions for a special occasion or just for special family and friends

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Mushroom stroganoff

Mushroom stroganoff. I throw in a bit of frying steak for the boy to pimp it up. From BBC Good Food

from BBC Good Food

10 steak sauces you can make in minutes

10 steak sauces you can make in minutes! You have your sides set, your steak cooked to perfection and a glass of wine on standby… but you've forgotten about the condiment situation. Worry not – our cookery team has created 10 super-quick sauces you can whip up at the last minute. #RaiseTheSteaks

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Rib Eye Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms

"The cooking method really gives the outer layer a nice crust and cooks the inside perfectly. The butter-wine sauce amps up the flavor of the mushrooms. I loved it drizzled on top of the steak. This steak recipe is delicious!"