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Satanism Beliefs

Don't Let The Title Fool You! Although this is the "Satanic" rules of the earth, they make a lot of sense for people who do not ascribe to Laveyan Satanic beliefs

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Original anne stokes gothic prayer book box

Every day I pray that things will get better until one day I realized I can pray all day but I have to set things up, put things in place so to speak, in order to see the creator tremble the waters. Her need is deep and you can feel it. I love artwork.


Marilyn Manson- doesn't stand for Satanic beliefs or hatred of God or America like most people quickly jump to believe. If you listen to him speak, he is one of the wisest people of our time, and stands for individualism.


lovely. i should print copies of this to hand out to family members who assume a Paganism is worshipping Satan


Evolution vs creationism... why is this even being debated? Because people are indoctrinated from a young age. In their world, you can't possibly be Christian if you don't believe in a six literal day creation involving only two people who didn't even have a daughter, so there's that.


The quote here was"Believe in Allah's mercy." I am not Muslim, as you knew. However, this is what I always told you. If you let Satan steal your joy, your love, your belief in God, he will steal your life from you and win when you commit suicide.


Source of mental hallucinations and ancestry worship even religious culture, toxins in whatever form can be useful and/or mind destroying. Grief & pleasure play big role in creating belief systems.