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"If not for liberals and their crazy sexual urges there wouldn't be babies born out of wedlock. Abstinence needs to be the law of the land." - Sarah Palin, FOX 'News'. March 4, 2014.... What folksy adage did she say when she discovered her own daughter, Bristol to be a liberal...TWICE!

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When foxes discovered little penguins on a small Australian island, they nearly…


ABC: Sarah Palin Under Consideration for Veteran Affairs Secretary

Sarah Palin Slams Donald Trump's Carrier Deal as 'Crony Capitalism'

12/2/16 - Sarah Palin Slams Trump's Carrier Deal as 'Crony Capitalism' | The Huffington Post

She may be one of the stupidest people ever...she and Sarah Palin could have a serious


Liz Hurley On The Set Of Gossip Girl: Glam And Gorgeous (Photos)

sarah palin | Sarah Palin hosts 'The Today Show' in New York City born February…