Travel Tips - What to Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Insiders Guide - What to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Need tips on what to do in Santa Fe? Find out where to eat, sleep, drink, shop, explore and much more. Great insider tips from a local.

I just had the pleasure of spending a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I report back with a very simple to-do list. 1. Eat at Joseph's of Santa Fe. The Taos chef recently opened this Santa Fe spot...

3 Things You Must Do in Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe’s Exquisitely Detailed Inn of the Five Graces

Santa Fe’s "Exquisitely Detailed" Inn of the Five Graces. This may be unpopular, but even tho I am a surface designer, this place is WAY too ADD/crazy for me. I could not relax in this place!