J aurai tellement voulu avoir l affiche mais je connaissais pas le jeu à l époque

--- edit: you guys can stop telling me what those things behind her head are hOI are you tem's custemer? will u help tem pay for colege?

Undertale - Sans

Undertale Tarot

Some people just like putting out fake cards, I guess.Check out the rest of the cards (humungo spoilo)<< its called fanart

Sans humain attaque Frisk

[Fr] VariousxReader - /!\ SPOILERS/!\ Sans x Reader

genocide sans giving the finger - Google Search

I love these badass pictures of Sans<<< love to see some badass muffet though.

Undertale ~ Sans y Frisk. La venganza de Frisk xD

Looks like sans needs to KETCHUPon his pranking, Frisk had to of MUSTARD up the courage to do so, and sans must RELISH that memory.

"Je peux pas croire que tu sois aussi stupide "  Flowey tu es près pour une blague de Sans

It feels weird being judged by a flower. You know something we judge for beauty and smell.

I Want My Bro Back by TheGrinningKitten

I Want My Bro Back by TheGrinningKitten

❤️Sans❤️ Undertale

❤️Sans❤️ Undertale

Got Flowey What Undertale character are you?

What Undertale character are you?