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Sans-colottes: counterrevolutionists set themselves apart from the shabby "trouser brigade". You can see this woman has on her patriotic striped pants with a tri colored cockade in her hat. This style of dress is iconic of the French Revolution.

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Bonnet Rouge, soft woolen peasants cap worn in ancient time and revived during the French Revolution to recall the Plebeian working class and fits with the popularity of neoclassicism during the 18th Century.

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French Revolution Rebel: It's 1789 and Paris has had it with this royal tyranny! You'll need a some worn trousers (you are a sans-culottes, after all), a peasant shirt, a red Phrygian cap with a tricolor cockade, a red scarf around your neck or waist and a sword or musket. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

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In the French Revolution, the sans-culottes were the radical partisans of the lower classes; typically urban laborers. The appellation refers to the fashionable culottes (silk knee-breeches) of the moderate bourgeois revolutionaries, as distinguished from the working class sans-culottes, who traditionally wore pantaloons (pants). During the peak of their influence, roughly 1792 to 1795, the sans-culottes provided the principal support behind the two far-left

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Sans Culotte. These people were radical left wing partisans of the lower classes and typically wore the red cap of liberty, the carmagnole and pantaloons as their uniform.

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Sans Culottes were made up of the working class men in support of the French Revolution. They normally wore trousers, carmagnole jackets, red waistcoats, clogs, and red peasant hats.

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