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Save a fortune! Sew your own washable feminine hygiene pads. Use old trifold diapers for inside layers, add layer of waterproof under the outer layer from old baby waterproof pads, and use flannel for outside like the expensive ones you order. Finish with a snap on wings or a button/buttonhole.


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sanitary belts. Thank goodness for technology! Yes, this is how it was, no wonder we didn't talk about it!


The humor in this ad isn't in the main text, because there's not much there to laugh at. However, if you read very carefully at the end, there is the mention of use with "sanitary napkins." Is that to keep the wolves at bay when they smell blood? How many men even get close enough to a woman in that state to remark on her "not so fresh" smell? Maybe she should just use Listerine...fresh smell, no cavities!