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Photo Credits: Rita Petita (via Takin Baby Arrives in the Early Morning at the San Diego Zoo - ZooBorns)

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Dholes are social wild dogs, classified as endangered largely due to loss of habitat and lack of available prey. (Via San Diego Zoo.)

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The Dhole (Cuon alpinus), also called the Asiatic wild dog or Indian wild dog, is a species of canid native to South and Southeast Asia.

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english bull dog puppies | English bulldog puppies in san diego, California gun classifieds ...

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USS Nimitz, is a supercarrier in the US Navy the lead ship of her class. She was laid down, launched and commissioned as CVAN-68 but was redesignated CVN 68 (nuclear-powered multimission aircraft carrier) on 30 June 1975 as part of the fleet realignment of that year. Electronic warfare and decoys: SLQ-32A(V)4 Countermeasures suite SLQ-25A Nixie torpedo countermeasures Armament: 2 × 21 cell Sea RAM 2 × Mk 29 Sea Sparrow Armor: Classified Aircraft carried: 90 fixed wing and helicopters

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