Samurai games

becoming a samurai warrior and fighting in a mystical dimension is my nighttime job

There's something about playing video games in the dead of night with the lights off, volume turned down low so as not to wake anyone up, the glow of the TV creating a soft ambiance in your room.

Genji inktober  #inktober #genji #overwatch #ink #sword #draw #drawing #rain_ant #inktober2017 #2017 #paper #samurai #game #game_art #art

Genji inktober #inktober #genji #overwatch #ink #sword #draw #drawing #rain_ant #inktober2017 #2017 #paper #samurai #game #game_art #art

Masks are out! LIMITED EDITION: Once the page reads "sold out" this version of this mask design will not be available. Please do not message to ask for an exception as it...

Just wanted to see what a half mask would look like as well as if I could get it to look like metal. I will be doing a full metallic mask as well, which. Lion of the Wind half mask metallic

Art of adrian smith - Timeline

Samurai Inspired Art by Adrian Smith ARTIST: Adrian Smith Rising Sun is a samurai inspired board game from Guillotine Games & CMON. More Samurai Art to lose ur head over: ● Samurai.

Bill Wray, Dan Krall and Scott Willis, background artists of Samurai Jack.

Bill Wray, Dan Krall and Scott Willis, background artists of Samurai Jack.: [This style was attractive to me because it is boarder line cartoon without being two dimensional. There is a real attention to detail while still maintaining a simplistic tone.

Cool Art: 'Wolf' by Jimiyo #Okami

"Wolf" by Jimiyo Inspired by Amaterasu of the video game Okami

This pin captures the aura of a samurai really well for me. In my opinion it captures patience and pride just through the use of clothing and stance alone. Clothing and stance are something I could use to conjure the same effect in my game.

“Avoid grim thoughts toward thyself.Even the wishes of an ant may yet move the heavens.