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Music from Brazil (Samba) Learning Objectives To learn the names of traditional Samba instruments To learn the play the rhythmic patterns of Samba music. - ppt download

Musical Toys HO600 Samba Party Set by HOHNER. $16.23. From the Manufacturer This colorful set contains versions of traditional Latin percussion instruments plus a free CD and perfect for an evening of family fun. Set of 5 pieces in a sturdy see thru carry bag. Product Description Kids love to play the samba instruments and dance to the CD with the samba beat! This colorful music set contains six durable versi...


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The cuíca (pronounced "queekaa") is a single-headed Brazilian friction drum, in which sound is produced by rubbing a short, thin, carved bamboo cane ...


The Trio Ensemble Is A Collection Of Three Outdoor Playground Musical Instruments Including Bells, Babel Drums & Samba Drums. Buy The Ensemble Here.

Set of 12"/14"/16" Free Standing Contemporânea Surdos with Feet & Hard Case (Nesting). Brazilian drumming kit.