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30 Incredibly Awesome Ideas To Beautify Your Home With Aquariums

Watching fish swimming around is nice and relaxing even if you have a dinky little fish tank. It's even better when the fish tank itself is amazingly beautiful and seamlessly integrated into it's surroundings.

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Inspiration!! Minimini’s ZEOvit tank in Japan - interestingly, he seemed to have gone with T5 instead of LEDs.

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Dez ideias incríveis para decorar usando aquários - Casa e Decoração - Lifestyle

built in fishtank. Ideally i'd like this to be a column in the middle of the (huge, since it's a fantasy!) room

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Rovster's Custom Reef Savvy build......FINALLY!!! - Page 2 - Reef Central Online Community

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Mandarinfish, also called the Mandarin goby or Mandarin dragonet. A saltwater fish found from the Japanese Ryukyu Islands south to Australia.

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