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Salmon Lasagna

This easy & delicious Salmon Lasagna Recipe is made with flaky salmon and asparagus. Then is baked in a dilly Bechamel sauce. Perfect for weeknight dinner.


Licious Salmon and Spinach Lasagna


As if lasagna wasn't good enough, this one is amazing! The bechamel sauce is super smooth and goes amazing with the salmon and spinach


Smoked Salmon Lasagna: simple, creamy and ready in 30 minutes! An alternative to the traditional meat lasagna.


Prawn, spinach and salmon lasagne

Prawn, spinach and salmon lasagne recipe. This prawn, spinach and salmon lasagne makes a nice change from the normal ragu based Italian classic.


Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls

If you've never made lasagna roll-ups before, here's a quick how-to using lasagna noodles, cream cheese and smoked salmon. This Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls recipe is easy and elegant - just what you need for everyday entertaining.