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Salman Khan Math


Khan Academy: The man who wants to teach the world


Salman ‘Sal’ Khan is a Bengali-born American entrepreneur and educator, and is most famous for establishing the Khan Academy, a free online based educational system and non-profit organization that has impacted the world’s teachers and students through its collection of over four thousand video lessons on a wide range of topics such as mathematics, history, medicine, astronomy, physics, biology, healthcare, chemistry, cosmology, economics, civics, arts, computers and many others.


Salman Khan: The Messiah of Math

Salman Khan: The Messiah of Math, Bloomberg Business Wk, 2011: "Khan Academy flips the traditional curriculum; students listen to the lectures at home, on their own time, and do the homework in class, which allows the teacher time to address student issues individually."

from Edutopia

Salman Khan on Liberating the Classroom for Creativity (Big Thinkers Series)

The founder of Khan Academy discusses how his videos can help create a "flipped classroom" that allows blended learning -- online lectures can happen at home and project-based learning can happen during school.