Tips For Installing Stair Runners In Your Home

Retain the wood cladding below staircase, to 'Hide' the basement below - as this. Wooden Flooring. Carpet and runners up stairs. Elegant, but too simple.

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12 handmade bespoke ceramic tiles, pink cherry blossoms turquoise, kitchen bathroom Sakura MADE TO ORDER

FEATURES: Ceramic tile is very detailed and complex. Using ceramic tile gives a room or wall a great accent and there are really neat patterns to use. Using this different from the wall treatments because it needs to be glued down one square at a time.

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3 Lipsticks That Work on Every Woman

. he Trouble with Lipstick – Best Lipstick #Beauty_Naturally #Top_Lipstick #Best_Pinned_Lipstick

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spalsh back, antique mirror, copper handles, industrial pendants, crittal doors, parquet floor - #blakeslondon - Blakes.9.2.1650644.jpg

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JOAN EARDLEY - Glasgow Tenements (Hume Street Tarket Street), coloured chalk and charcoal on joined paper, 22.9 x 15.9 cm.

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Pictures of designs by current Worth designer, Giovanni Bedin, presented at Paris Haute Couture.

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