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Saiyan Name Generator

nose bleeding ninja? O3O nice!<<the smart pervert....why does that descrbe me? << The Cute Mage? I'm down with that!

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Birthday Scenario Game With Anime Mine is:Set off with a pirate adventure with Roronoa Zoro... hmm....seems accurate ! What's yours?

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Futureistic clothing, electricity generators. Exposed cables. Hooded. Metal on clothes. ArtStation - Cyber Mage, TJ Foo

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Zombie apocalypse team - Nintendo/Dragonball/Pokemon. I think I'll survive with MegaMan and Mewtwo on my side!

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I will have powers to transform into a weapon and my best friend is L Lawliet. I don't know how i feel about this!

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The Saiyan Name Generator | Rum and MonkeyTry this name converter to find out your Saiyan name. I got Sunnio.

Did Goku make your childhood awesome? He definitely made mine!