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Saint Helena Island Milky Way by sparkyloe

Saint Helena Island Milky Way by sparkyloe

The most remote island in the world: Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena.

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St Helena & dependencies - capital: Jamestown - photo: Jamestown from James Bay

St Helena, where it takes 5 days to reach by ship and is one of the remotest places on the planet. Napoleon was exiled there! Gotta go before the airport opens in 2016

Much of remote St. Helena island& appeal lies in its inaccessibility. But in February 2016 the island& first airport will open, servicing weekly flights from Johannesburg.

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Saint Helena Island Info: All about St Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean: Jamestown

Saint Helena is a neighbor to Tristan da Cunha and Ascension Island (they are 1,510 and 810 mi apart, respectively) and has 47 sq mi of land. The island is dominated by Diana's Peak, a 2,684-foot-high mountain.4,000 hardy souls call Saint Helena home. Residents make their living working for the government, exporting goods like coffee and prickly pears, and growing New Zealand flax.

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Travel Inspiration for St Helena Island - Jamestown, Saint Helena.Capital of one of the most isolated islands in the world.

In 2009, Saint Helena and its two territories received equal status under a new constitution, and the British Overseas Territory was renamed Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.  The UK government has invested £700m in the construction of the island's airport. This is expected to help the island towards self-sufficiency and encourage economic development, in turn reducing dependence on British government aid. The airport is also expected to open the tourism industry.

Saint Helena Airport is an airport under construction since early 2012 in the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, a remote island in the south Atlantic Ocean. Official opening for the airport is tentatively May 2016

Plantation House Governor's Palace Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

If you are looking for isolation, there are few better places to go than Jamestown, the capital of St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha and Ascension. Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean