Everything you want to know about Saint Bernards including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding good breeder and more.

Some of these giant dog breeds have tragically short lifespans, and others are overrepresented at animal shelters.

Saint Bernard puppy & Newfoundland... These are the two dogs that I would LOVE to have.One day

15 Saint Bernard Puppies Who Are Just Too Adorable For Words

Majestic looking St. Bernard. I want to Hug, kiss, and play with one!!!<3

Majestic looking St. I want to our next dog to be a Saint Bernard. I looooove them

I want to go to Switzerland just so I can see a dog like this, with a thing on its neck like that. hahah

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Saint Bernard Puppy! http://www.localpuppybreeders.com/saint-bernard-dog-breed-information/

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