People should really listen to me when I say I "see things" that other people don't...but they never listen to me so eventually I just don't care.

i still have the same friend from kindergarten so i guess i do make long friends

Thought I was just brought up that way, looks like I was created that way.

I absolutely hate crying in front of people firstly I look like an emotional wreck and secondly it makes me look weak. So if I am willing to cry and not try to stop crying I front of you consider yourself lucky.

Sagittarius Little Secret: They’re sometimes too nice, giving people way more chances than they deserve.

True, in grade when I was little my best friends ditched me and un-friended me. They got in trouble and we got sent to the principal. They apologized and said they were having a bad day. Being a Sagittarius I forgave them and we were friends again.

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very true about me. i trust too much, but if you did something to break that trust, i will remember it and will always feel iffy about you.