I guess I'm funny. But i dont Geminis funny... a lot of Geminisni know r just really akward and try too hard to be funny, no offense to Geminis out there, this is just what ive experienced so far......... #Aquarius

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haha too funny :) I would never go to the bathroom in the woods. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be camping :D

Sagittarius: May be charming and funny, but inside they are much more sensitive and deeper than they appear at first glance.

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Scorpio: Maybe it was too extreme.. BUT THE DOOR ASKED FOR IT! *pouts down at stubbed toe* it hurt dammit..

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Scorpio: Angry drunk? Am not.. *Looks over at the whole in the wall made when drunk.* About that.. The wall looked at me funny.

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Virgo Sun, Sagittarius moon, Cancer Rising... really, are they watching me? smart watches - http://amzn.to/2ifqI9j

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For more go to @Aηα كيانه ︻╦╤─ ♡ and you'll find a board that interests you into following

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