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First aid infographic for common ailments and wounds.

Put a sand/soft path going around the property so you can ride wherever you want without going on the concrete!!

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I rode for soooo many years. But i stopped after i had to put down my bestfriend. My heart broke when i read this. Im going to go back to the place i really belong and get back in the saddle no matter what it takes. :')

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Go ahead, make a bid, Pilgrim: Huge archive of John Wayne items, including True Grit eye-patch, put up for auction

Worth a pilgrimage: This custom-made saddle from the 1960s will be put up for auction in LA

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Saddle up Cowgirl :) my poor horse knows when something's wrong cause I just slap the saddle on and pull the cinch up tight and don't pet her and love on her! Haha

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Horses mouth is taped shut by that noseband but yet if you gag a person and force their mouth close that's abuse!!

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such a sweetie pie!!!!!!! Love love love.... I have to have this horse and fence !!!

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