Saddest disney moments

10 Saddest Disney Animated Moments

10 Saddest Disney Animated Moments -

10 Saddest Disney Animated Moments from someone who has watched ALL Disney animated movies.

Who does this to people?!?!?! Now i have to repin it so others can feel my pain.

Thanks Disney... right in my feels.

The saddest parts of my childhood movies. Aladdin, Toy Story, Lion King, and FOX & THE HOUND!

{Disney Challenge - Day 8: Saddest Moment} Hands down -- when Widow Tweed leaves Tod. Oh my God. My heart breaks EVERY time. Just thinking about it makes me so, so sad. This will forever be the saddest moment in Disney to me.

Disney Challenge Day Saddest Moment-Hands down.Fox and the Hound when Widow Tweed leaves Tod. I cry every time!

Juste les moments les plus tristes de Disney

Disney deaths created so simply but tragically, giving us a sharp taste of reality and sadness in the joyful movies.<<<<<<<<<<<< that's ok I didn't need my heart anyway. Let me just mop it up with my tears because this is so frickin sad!

Day 8: Saddest Disney Moment has to be when Mufasa died and his son, Simba thought it was all his fault ): This part has always made me sad/mad. <\3

DAY Saddest moment - Nothing compares to when Mufasa dies in "The Lion King!" I still cry when I see it, which is why I did NOT see it in hahaha!

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Disney Challenge Saddest Moment: Lilo and Stitch, particularity this scene

Top 20 Saddest Disney Moments  Get ready to cry

Top 20 Saddest Disney Moments- I knew what number one would be! I'm surprised Bambi wasn't closer to number one though. And Mulan II?