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lol..clicked on my pinterest after putting the phone down and this is what I saw! what a wake-up call! another part of letting go..stop checking the damn phone and re-reading old text!

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alternative, boy, dark, feelings, grunge, hipster, indie, life, love, numb, outside, pale, sad, text, vintage, worthless

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Self harm/ depression/ suicide/ quotes ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes, sadness, text, words, backgrounds, fillers, phrase and saying

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It's okay cuz I know there wasn't any real feelings to begin with and I should have listened the first time I talked to you and you told me things you did and I knew then it was just another knotch your belt that you didn't give a shit about my feelings or thoughts...shame on you

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I go an entire 6 weeks without anybody texting or calling me. I am just a nobody.

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Only I know. Even when others say they understand what I am going through, they don't know the depth of my emotions! -

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Message To My Ex: Want To Tell Him He's a Douche? Beg Forgiveness? Do It Right Here

Not a message about an ex for me but a friend. Whilst everybody else got tired of their bullshit routine, I stuck around. I've finally listened to people who have told me that I need to step away.

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love lost quote Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely hurt anxiety alone hate broken dying poetry depressing worthless Invisible b&w photography

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