[SET OF GIFS] "Especially when I was right." 5x04 "The End"...One of the best episodes/scenes of the entire series..

[SET OF GIFS] "Especially when I was right.One of the best episodes/scenes of the entire series. Jared was so good I forgot it wasn't him playing sam playing Lucifer. It was Lucifer in his body.

One of Dean's worst because his favorite person left him.

One of the saddest aspects of this episode, that so many of Sam's happiest memories are Dean's worst. It really highlights how differently the boys view things.

.sad moment when you've thought this before supernatural keeping things real

Supernatural ~ Dean - throughout my life I've always been afraid of losing the people I love so much But then. Sometimes I wonder is there anyone out there who's afraid of losing me?

Dean Winchester deserves to be saved. I cried when I was reading this.

I feel the feels with Dean because I know what it feels like to blame yourself for everything. But dean didn't deserve this and neither do I .

OMG i gonna go crawl in a corner and cry this is so sad

Dude, you have to see this