If I could figure out where, I might actually tattoo this on me for my love of Doctor Who is that great. Sorry Highlander and Buffy.

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"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist." ***Isn't this a true quote for the world today?***

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The Hobbit ♥ Supernatural ♥ Game of Thrones ♥ Sherlock ♥ The Avengers ♥ Merlin ♥ Harry Potter ♥ Star Trek ♥ LotR ♥ Doctor Who - this is beautiful :)

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A home doesn't need to be a house, and a family doesn't need to be related. LOVE THIS PICTURE. with all my heart

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Exactly. Christianity is so screwed up and people don't even realize that it's basically a bunch of older religions recycled into something that doesn't really make sense.

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heartwarming Christmas movie about Satan<<<I want this a little too much and i am sad because i'll probably never get it without making it myself

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