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not so sunny 4th July

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The one who continues to hurt you will never see the life they are taking away from you, but the pleasure you are taking away from them in not accepting their behaviour

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I feel broken inside and I just can't believe I'll ever feel any differently. I don't know how to heal myself. I try but just when I think I'm getting somewhere, it disappears like sand through my fingers. Will I ever feel whole again? Life has worn me down so much, I just don't know anymore. What keeps me going? I truly don't know Xx ❤❤

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"Every friendship I've ever had has ended when my "best friend" got bored and found someone better to replace me. And people wonder why I have trust issues. "

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My eyes always give it away, a friend once told me it's like I draw the shutters, and they become dead looking, that was how she could always tell.

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