I'm Ryan, I'm a student here and I've been trying to date Blake for years. My dad is super rich so I can do whatever I want

Cutegreggator: Hot Guys With Dogs

Ryan Reynolds' dog Baxter looks a lot like Lola which means we're meant to be together.

I don't care that this topless pic of Ryan Reynolds is in black and white because all of my dreams are in color!

Famous Men Over 40 With FLAWLESS Beach Bodies!

Ryan Reynolds...alls he has to do is show up and I start laughing. Look at that face and those eyes!

His Wife Makes Him The Luckiest Man Alive

Ryan Reynolds - pretty much anything he wears in my favorite movie . The Proposal

duuhhhh....... that's the white button down thing i love + ryan reynolds?! Jaw. dropped.

This or That? Health and Fitness Style

It might be gross to say that I think Ryan Reynolds is hot since that's my brother's exact name. BUT DAMN Ryan Reynolds is HOT!

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.

Why Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are the Cutest Couple

Ryan Reynolds in Amityville Horror

Evening Eye Candy: Ryan Reynolds

The hottest guy on the planet with brown eyes!

His Wife Makes Him The Luckiest Man Alive

Almost every popular celebrity had pictures done by Martin Schoeller at one point or another. It is very cool to see how creative some of his photos are. Take a look at this mega post of awesome pictures by him, you won't regret it!

does he not realize that its a water gun? or is he surprised that by shooting a water gun at his face that water would come out of it? also how much water did the water gun actually have to be to get him that wet?

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2014 Met Gala Red Carpet - Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds from #InStyle

2014 Met Gala Red Carpet