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Weiss and Yang

Ruby's rose symbol for her buckle

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a former student of Beacon Academy and the main protagonist of RWBY.

Rwby Episode 1 (dub) Season #1  (SUB-

RWBY Ruby Rose-Red (Little Red Riding Hood) Weiss Schnee-White (Snow White) Blake Belladonna-Black (Belle) Yang Xiao Long-Yellow (Goldilocks)

[RWBY] If team RWBY are Monster Hunter by Reef1600 on DeviantArt

Another crossover with Monster Hunter I love monsters in monhun too (so awesome) Ruby : Nargacuga / Dat color something black and red shade and Dat spee. [RWBY] If team RWBY are Monster Hunter

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RWBY Logo Coffee Mug

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Bio Qrow was apart of team STRQ with Summer (Ruby's mother), Raven (Yang's mother), and Taiyang.

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