This would make for a hilarious and depressing fanfiction... Someone please make this.

I mean it's sad she is dead but I think her sense of humor would compensate for the sadness

"Coco tastes different today...." | RWBY | Know Your Meme

"Coco tastes different today...."

"Coco tastes different today.

Only half is dead? *Jassian shippers crying in the distance*

Only half is dead? *Jassian shippers crying in the distance*>>>>JeanMarco shippers sobs can be heard from hundreds of miles away, and many can be heard saying, "please, no more half jokes"

Its monsters from RWBY but when i saw Sobek i just...thought of Percy n Carter...

RWBY Grimm fanart - pretty sure The Nope is the best one

On Thin Ice - Chapter 1 - Minadora - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]

When you start a fanfiction because of the fanart

#wattpad #fanfiction Simple, as the title said. RWBY one shots and preferences

RWBY One Shots and Preferences - Day 8: was it real? [Qrow Branwen x Reader]

Rwby: Qrow Branwen Season 3 Chapter 3 — I swear to God, Qrow will be the death of me. He is literal perfection

Winter and Qrow

Every girl in Team RWBY has a "fairytale background," but I didn't think side characters had too! Now I want to trace every single one. Thanks, stranger!

This beautiful Team RWBY Fanart is made by kyuriin on Deviant Art. It& bloody awesome ^^ ~Sun

rwby, ruby, weiss, blake, yang

rwby, ruby, weiss, blake, yang << I don't ship monochrome but this is definitely fitting to the characters