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RWBY : Wrath by dishwasher1910 I want this so bad in Vol. 4

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I loved watching Velvet fight. She just became so much more awesome!

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Beautiful and simple. love it!

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RWBY, RubyRose

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part 8… ...jigglybpuff...okay this sounds weird xDD

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Grimm variants - RWBY

Grimm variants - RWBY

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RWBY fanart. The best analysis of that didn't was a thing I found on tumblr. "I like that when she got hung her up by her leg, instead of the typical upskirt scene, a dozen knives fell out and nearly embedded themselves into a man's skull.

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Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose

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RWBY 日本公式 on

Yang and Weiss

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RWBY, WeissSchnee

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