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RV Camping & RV Lifestyle - Trading City Lights for the RV Lifestyle - Changin' Gears --RV Inspection Checklist This checklist is intended as a guide for inspecting new and used recreational vehicles. When buying a new RV, use this as your pre-delivery inspection (PDI) checklist. The dealer will provide their own pre-deliver inspection, but those tend to be less detailed and performed by someone other than you.

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RV Manufacturers have started producing RVs with Six Slides!

RV manufacturers always try to anticipate the needs of their customers while on the road. What’s needed from some people, though, maybe not be necessary for others. While most RVs have adequate lighting installed for almost every general task, sometimes things come up that require more concentrated lighting, even on a temporary basis. That’s where these types of RV LED interior lights can come in handy.

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Where to Go RVing in Winter

Where to Go RVing in Winter: Snowbirds migrate south for the winter to the Sunbelt states.

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What You Need to Know About Six-Slide RVs

RV Manufacturers have started producing RVs with Six Slides!

Several well-known RV manufacturers have begun producing 5th Wheel travel trailers with six slide rooms. People should think carefully before buying one.