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Ruth Chris Prices

Make yourself a durable, weather tested bench with concrete blocks, PT lumber, a nice cushion (all on sale, of course).... Bet you could Velcro tab a backseat cushion vs. using pillows!) Cheap .. ?? not sure about the cost. Price locally for supplies.


A taste for tradition: the history of the Cornish pasty

"Grief never ends...but it changes. It's a passage. Not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness. Nor a lack of faith...It is the price of love."

from Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks Pink Drink has Taken Over Instagram & the Internet!

from Brown Sugar

Butter Pound Cake

This is a classic dessert to serve around the holidays. I know, I know. You love to hate me, right? I understand and I can live with that as long as you don't completely hate me.

from Snackworks

NILLA Holiday "Cake" Bites

A bite size dessert that is fun to make and absolutely delicious! Our Nilla Wafers "Cake" Bites are mini “cakes” so every guest gets their own. What's not to like? Just layer jam between Nilla Wafers and cover in melted chocolate or candy coating for a yummy treat.