sprinkler head . squarespray sprinkler . brass nozzle . lot of 5 . 5 metal rustic watering implements by vintagous on Etsy

Old Vintage Hand Painted Blue Garden Sprinkler Watering Can Rustic Decor 6637 | eBay

Rustic Salvage - the Sprinkler: I spotted this uniquely refurbished sprinkler in a greenhouse that was being rebuilt. It's a perfect example of someone being really creative...

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/269297783/upcycled-craftsman-sprinkler-tractor Steampunk-farmhouse-rustic-lamp-light-vintage industrial. Repurposed

Floral Baby Sprinkle Invitation Colorful by InscapeBabyShower

Driftwood. I would like a grey tone roof on this. Or even red. And it does not have to be driftwood, It could even be wood pieces pick up around your neighborhood, or in the parks.

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